Sunday, March 31, 2013

Damascus Steel Bracelet

I was recently asked if I was willing to make a graduation gift for some close friends as a gift for their nephew. Specifically a monogrammed bracelet. I had free reign on design but a specific budget.

No Problem!

I wound up using two styles of Stainless Damascus Steel, 14ga 18kt gold wire and gold plated machine screws. I think it was one of the most interesting jobs I've done, quite a test of techniques!

Here is what I started with, Stainless Damascus Steel drops given to me from my super-talented friend Chris from Speed Shop Design:

I didn't take many pictures while making this piece unfortunately, but it would've just been images of me scratching my head 90% of the time, trying to figure out how to do what I wanted to do...
Eventually I settled on a combination of machining and cold-working the three separate parts before engraving the letters, setting the gold, followed by an acid etching and gentle localized heating to give it some color and contrast. I wouldn't mind making one for myself now!

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