Sunday, November 28, 2010

Super Scooter

So I finally got around to taking apart the so-called "Jackhammer", It's been on the back burner for way too long now. About April 08' I wrecked it and it's been non-functional since. I never really finished this scoot, I got it running for a rally and kept on riding it, after all, why take apart a decent runner? But every time I looked at the thing, I'd think about how much more I'd like to do to it. Well, now's the time.
 Fortunately, I started rehabbing some of the front-end parts well before the move to Seattle. So the rebuild will mainly consist of:
1. Making composite bodywork
2. Minor Frame repair and powder coating
3. Remaking the front fork tubes, rear hub, handlebars, ect..
4. Buying any needed parts
5. Reassembly
So, Here it is torn down to the frame, first time since April 05'
So, First order of business is to start mocking up the bodywork and seating, stay tuned!

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