Monday, May 17, 2010

Another (new) workspace

Lately I've been putting off the supercharger to attend to more immediate needs, namely my work space.
I spent a lot of time just getting rid of junk in the garage and basement to make room for my stuff.
Finally, I've arranged everything in the garage to be functional and efficient as well as repairing my lathe and building a scooter work stand.
The stand was a "weekend project" that ended up taking 40hrs and a couple hundred bucks, but it's so worth it not having to crawl around on the floor while working on the scooters. And as usual, I went way overkill on the construction, casters, height levelers, forged eye bolts, grip tape, aluminum machined parts, ect..
Now that the work space is in order, It's time to get back to making scooter parts, The best damn scooter parts I can make.

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