Sunday, February 15, 2009

At the Expo

Well, I'm here at the expo and thoroughly enjoying myself. I've seen quite a few new products that are very interesting like a 12" carbon fiber wheel by BST Blackstone that isn't currently imported to the U.S. Of course it's hard to get more info from the guy manning the both on account that he is being mobbed by tens of gawkers buggin' out on the GP wheels but I did managed to get from him that they are something made for the mini-Gp bikes that are raced in Japan like NSR50's and the like... Very interesting indeed, I can easily see these being adapted to any number of scooters, you know, if someone just happens to have the cash to $pend on these items.
I've been very fortuneate this year to have Steve from The Scooter Scoop introducing me to people in the scooter industry and letting me tag along to after parties and what-not, I'm doing my best to listen and learn from what these people have to say. It's entertaining to listen to stories of drunken scooter rally debauchery as well!
All in all this has been totally worth the time,money and trouble. I'm getting all that I hoped and more out of this trip.

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